About the company

We have engineering potential with 45 years of history in addition to our own production facilities. We specialize in turnkey organization and management of the entire process of construction of industrial solar power plants.


Establishment of a project group for the construction of the “Metalist” plant and the management of the enterprise as part of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ukrainian SSR.


Stage I – launch of production facilities (20,000 m2) for the production of concrete products with a capacity of 8,000 tons per year.


Stage II – commissioning of the production area (45,600 m2) with an annual production capacity of 57,600 m2 modular buildings and 1,200 tons of steel structures.


Launch of the brand BLOCKMASTER.


The accreditation of our own technical laboratory, implementation of quality management systems according to international standards: ISO 9001 certificate obtained.


The company reached its maximum historical production capacity in the history of independent Ukraine.


The first industrial solar power plant financed by the EBRD was built and commissioned.


Upgrade of production capacities for the output of metal structures and construction of solar power plants reaching 250 MWp per annum.