Quality management standards


We offer the best comprehensive solutions and systematic approach towards the implementation of construction projects. We apply innovations in our work and constantly improve technical solutions, manufacturing processes, and our project management system. We value the time of our partners and contribute to the development of their projects. We are steadily working to improve the professional skills of our employees. We strive for market leadership.

We are aimed at creating a full range of services for the design, manufacture and installation of metal structures of all types of complexity. We implement individual solutions for prefabricated buildings based on mobile modular construction technologies. We implement construction projects for industrial and energy facilities using modern design methods, a systematic approach towards managing construction projects, reliable equipment and components, and offer turnkey solutions. Highly-skilled maintenance specialists at generating facilities are guided by modern methods and technologies for the facility’s performance analysis and monitoring.

BlockMaster Ukraine is guided by the understanding that increasing the customer satisfaction level, precise fulfilment of obligations and providing a stable level of product quality ensure the development of the Company.

The Company guarantees it creates and manufactures quality products able to meet competition in the domestic and foreign markets. These guarantees are supported by the constant increase in the technical level of production, introduction of advanced technologies, use of reliable materials, equipment and components, many years of successful experience, and a highly-skilled team.

For BlockMaster Ukraine, quality is a strategic indicator of performance, guarantee of well-being of the entire team and each employee individually. Products manufactured must comply with the customer requirements, modern solutions as well as state and international standards.

The Quality Policy and objectives are implemented as follows:

  • creation and operation of a system based on the model as per international standard ISO 9001;
  • use of an approved management approach and continuous process improvement;
  • expansion of offers and sales markets;
  • use of modern technology, quality materials, and reliable equipment;
  • continuous improvement of the scientific and technical level, upgrading of solutions;
  • development of long-term cooperation programs;
  • management of personnel, and systematic and advanced training at all levels;
  • establishing personal responsibility of employees for the quality of their work, from the chairman of the board to the plain worker, based on regular analysis of the results;
  • legal and regulatory compliance in accordance with the company profile.

BlockMaster Ukraine management takes full responsibility for:

  • legal and regulatory compliance;
  • development of the Company policy, objectives and plans;
  • continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;
  • providing financial and material resources for the manufacturing process;
  • creating an atmosphere to advance our objectives, implement ideas, provide for professional development of employees, their financial and non-financial incentivization.

BlockMaster Ukraine LLC
Vitalii Tymoshchenko