Construction metal structures

Reduced weight of industrial buildings and structures, lower material consumption, estimated cost, volume of construction waste and shorter time of implementation are due to wider use of steel structures as load-bearing structures.

The implementation of construction plans is closely related to expanded output of metal structures for the construction of industrial buildings and structures, hangars, transport galleries, crane racks, work sites, silos, supports for pipelines and tanks, towers, pipes and other structures.

BlockMaster production and technology capabilities regarding auxiliaries, equipment and human resources allow producing up to 2,300 t of metal structures per year.

The Company’s semi-centenary experience of participating in construction projects is successfully used to choose the best technical solutions for prefabricated buildings and structures based on steel metal structures. The plant is equipped with the necessary production lines for the manufacture of the following products:

  • Metal frames of industrial and civil facilities of any complexity;
  • Complete prefabricated buildings;
  • Columns and column bracing;
  • Crane runway beams, crane secondary trusses, roof girders;
  • Intermediate floors, servicing platforms;
  • Stairs, overpasses, platforms, fences;
  • Pipe structures of any diameter;
  • H-section beams;
  • Custom-designed structures.