BlockMaster performs a full range of design and analysis, engineering, construction and installation works as part of reconstruction projects for substations and construction and reconstruction projects for power transmission lines.

Reconstruction of substations with replacement of obsolete equipment ensures uninterrupted power supply to existing consumers of all categories and expands the ability to connect new consumers, provide comprehensive automation of relay protection systems, perform quality metering of commercial power consumption as well as monitor equipment control, condition and diagnostics.

As part of the reconstruction and new construction of electric power systems, BlockMaster will perform:

  • feasibility studies;
  • engineering geological, geodetic and hydrometeorological surveys;
  • preparation and approval of design documentation;
  • preparation of a project implementation schedule;
  • a set of site preparatory work;
  • general construction and installation works;
  • supply, installation and pre-commissioning of the main and auxiliary equipment;
  • installation of power transmission lines.

BlockMaster main advantages include:

  • Efficient preparation of design documentation and involvement of supply specialists as early as at the design stage to optimize investment and minimize lead times;
  • Close interaction with coordinating organizations in the development of pre-design solutions to reduce the time for consideration and approval of project documentation;
  • Focus on the investor’s needs in terms of project implementation quality, timing and budgets.