Delivery and installation

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BlockMaster owns a vehicle fleet featuring a wide range of trucks of various classes and load carrying capacities, as well as a fleet of special-purpose vehicles for construction and maintenance.
The Company also undertakes preparation of permits from various authorities where road trains to transport non-standard oversized cargo are necessary.

BlockMaster will deliver the modular building to the place of operation, and will perform installation of the structure and equipment.



BlockMaster modular buildings can be relocated an unlimited number of times and installed in uninhabited and remote areas, or on leased sites and in places of temporary accommodation. The building is transported as separate modules up to 3 m wide and 12 m long. A team of specialists performs unloading, installation and matching on-site, and connects the structure to external communications. This minimizes the duration of installation

The building can be dismantled and re-moved to another location. Also, modular buildings by BlockMaster can always be expanded for productive work and comfortable stay!