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The manufacture of BlockMaster mobile modular buildings including interior decoration and communication systems takes several weeks or more. Choosing a modular technology for the construction of buildings reduces the deadline for completion of a finished object as compared to traditional construction methods. This is achieved due to factory readiness of the basic building modules and ease of installation on site.

A building can consist of one or more basic modules up to 3.0 m wide and up to 12 m long. Construction technology allows you to individually choose the location of partitions, windows and doorways.
Flexibility of space-planning solutions is possible both in single-module and multi-module buildings.

BlockMaster offers comprehensive solutions from a preliminary concept to final erection of the modular buildings. We offer a wide range of layout concepts and design flexibility to provide facilities of any size and purpose. Modular packages are provided with various utilities: ventilation, air conditioning, sewage, water supply, and mainly electric heating. The use of modern façade systems provides an aesthetic appearance, compliance with corporate standards or urban planning requirements.