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Buildings consisting of modular units can have 2 floors of unlimited area.

Contrary to traditional construction methods, modular structures are manufactured at a factory, so buildings for various purpose can be erected at any season. Ready modular units can be easily transported to the place of operation and assembled quickly without the use of expensive technical means.

Lightweight modular structures do not require massive foundations, are durable and can withstand both high and extremely low temperatures. Modular construction technology allows building comfortable residential and commercial facilities in various weather conditions.

Low-weight buildings feature high heat-insulating properties and provide comfortable living at ambient temperatures from -40 °C to + 40 °C.

Serial production and unification of elements do not mean all buildings are uniform. With modular construction, you can select the configuration and choose from a wide variety of economical or exclusive exterior and interior decoration materials.

Advantages of modular building technology:

  • Factory readiness: factory manufacture of modular units and maximum installation readiness of basic units.
  • Transportation: lightweight and durable structures, overall dimensions of basic units that meet the transportation requirements.
  • Foundation: lightweight structures allow installation on shallow, strip, post foundations or on flat surface.
  • Labour costs: the technology allows reducing the costs for site equipment, use of heavy equipment, and the workers team. Installation and assembly of structures are carried out in a very short time.
  • Climate and geology: varying the type and thickness of heat-insulating materials allows using the structures in various climatic zones, while structural features of the frames allow erecting in earthquake-prone areas and areas with low soil bearing capacity.
  • Eco-friendliness and safety: the materials used for sheathing and insulation are environmentally friendly and fireproof.
  • Functionality: modular technology allows erecting the structures of various sizes and application.
  • Wide decorative possibilities: a variety of materials for exterior panelling and interior decoration of modular buildings.