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BlockMaster modular complexes are an optimum solution to accommodate office personnel, organize a headquarters or deploy a temporary contact centre. Mobile buildings will create comfortable working conditions and provide your team with a comfortable and functional creative space within the shortest possible time at any season.

BlockMaster headquarters and mobile modular offices can be equipped with various life support systems: electricity, water supply, sewage, ventilation, air conditioning, protection and security systems (lightning protection, fire protection, access control equipment).

Office and staff modules for convenience and efficiency may be equipped with plumbing, furniture, electrical equipment and household appliances at your request and in accordance with sanitary standards.

A variety of decorating materials offers wide possibilities to create cosiness as well as use corporate identity features in the interior and exterior.

All modular buildings ready for installation when they arrive at the place of operation. If a building consists of several modular units or floors, installation and matching is carried out, and within a few hours a comfortable modular unit structure by BlockMaster is ready on a turn-key basis.

BlockMaster mobile modular administrative and household complexes are comfortable regardless of the season, and factory readiness of the basic units and quick installation make sure you get a new facility within the shortest possible time.