Social premises

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Far from civilization and city communications or in the territory of temporary accommodation, BlockMaster mobile modular buildings will help create the entire infrastructure necessary for the life and work of people.

BlockMaster mobile modular buildings can be provided with all necessary equipment for organizing canteens, cafés, and buildings for cooking and eating.

Flexible space-planning solutions can be used to arrange comfortable and functional training classrooms, training centres and other training facilities.

BlockMaster modular buildings will help provide comfortable working and recreation conditions at remote sites. Mobile structures are indispensable for construction and shift camps.

Modular units that are free-standing or mounted as one or two-story complexes are used as residential, household, and administrative premises: headquarters, dining rooms, locker rooms, toilets and showers.

BlockMaster prefabricated modular buildings can be equipped with all necessary life support systems, plumbing, furniture and electrical equipment.

Modular construction technology, including prefabricated and demountable modular systems, is suitable for quick deployment of a first-aid post, milk collection point, laboratory, or research complex.

Modular construction technology enjoys an advantage of prompt putting into operation.

Prefabricated structures consist of modular units that are free-standing or mounted as one and two-story complexes.

BlockMaster buildings are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. Each building has a set of documents including certificates for materials used.