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BlockMaster mobile modular buildings can be installed away from civilization, urban communications, and on leased territory. Modular buildings provide comfort for staff and all necessary conditions for the operation of equipment.

Since 2012, BlockMaster has been actively involved in the implementation of projects for the construction of solar power plants. Over the years, the Company has obtained extensive experience in planning networks and electrical equipment, which, combined with the production base of modular buildings and metal structures, allows for the manufacture of 630–2,500 kVA complete modular transformer substations. BlockMaster cooperates with leading suppliers of electrical equipment, and manufactures packaged unit-type transformer substations and packaged closed-type distribution substations based on transformers of various modifications and configurations.

BlockMaster modular buildings are used for the installation and operation of telecommunication equipment in various climatic zones, offering an ultimate solution for installing remote stations of communication service providers to support network development.

Modular boiler rooms and mobile compressor rooms offer a wide scope of application both in industry and in the housing and utilities infrastructure sector. Mobile compressor modules are designed for the installation and use of compressor equipment at temporary or remote sites.

Reliability and performance of modular units are provided at the design stage to guarantee long-term operation of specialized BlockMaster modular buildings and installed equipment.