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BlockMaster mobile modular buildings and structures are the ultimate solution for the defence complex and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Modular structures are used to deploy low-maintenance ready-made military field bases, training ranges and military camps in record-breaking time.

Except for underground bunkers and missile pits, all buildings and structures of military facilities can be made of modular units. Stationary above-ground buildings of military camps, such as barracks, hostels for families of military personnel, canteens, training premises, or infirmaries, are equipped with all necessary life support systems and allow comfortable year-round operation. Modular containers of mobile facilities, such as headquarters, command posts, or communications units, are designed to solve specific tasks; they can be erected without foundations and equipped with self-contained utilities.

All BlockMaster modular buildings are mobile, provide for low maintenance costs, high lifetime and maintainability, while assembly units (modular containers) remain reliable throughout their lifetime and can be used both separately and as part of a complex.